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[äpəs]   Of active running waters.  Skillful in any art.


About The Apas Group

We believe that simple science-based insights, creative designs, and efficient processes, made in the spirit of innovation, can enable small businesses to flourish and grow to reach their potential.

Who:  Our team is comprised of business savvy free thinkers with backgrounds in creative strategy, operations, business management, supply chain management, project management, design thinking, software design and development and economics.

What:  We provide Management Consulting, in the form of Business Management, Technology Management, and Operations Management to help you accelerate growth, efficiency, and stability in your company OR to help relieve stress from your current organizational chart.  In addition, we also provide project by project solutions in CRM software development, business intelligence/ analytics, marketing, website development and market research.

How:  By providing full time, part time or as needed expertise based on your needs and budget we work to solve your problems and meet your challenges.  We always start each partnership by understanding the most pressing needs and the challenges you are facing, researching your industry, getting to know your vision for your business, understanding your customers, as well as seeing how you create what you are selling.  We then deliberate and formulate best case solutions for you to unleash your potential.  Then we recommend our findings and, if needed, help you implement them.  Everything we do always seeks to triangulate improvement in all facets of your business.

Our Clients:  We are proud to work with innovative small businesses focused on making products and services that challenge the status quo while making people happy.


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