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Patagonia Founder on Quality
August 1, 2015


Here is a wonderful piece about Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard, found on Surfline.com.

His main quote… is gold:

“Every time I’m stumped with a business problem…the answer is always increase the quality.


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Read this book….now!
May 20, 2015


Read this book….now!

Or after you finish the one you are in the middle of.

Think of how much confusion could be avoided if we all were better writers.

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Start with Why
May 2, 2015


If you haven’t already, you MUST watch this video by Simon Sinek.


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BulletProof Coffee – Placebo or Real…Who Cares
May 1, 2015



I tried the trendy new BulletProof coffee recipe recently.

I’m not sure it’s a placebo or not, but I must say I’m feeling a little more lucid and productive.

Try it if you drink coffee in the morning.

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Salesforce Workflow Automation – New Feature Drives Sales + Reduces Costs
May 1, 2015

Workflow Automation

For those of you that are using Salesforce, the new Process Builder option is a very dynamic new feature.   The name may sound boring, but what it does for you is not.

The name may sound boring, but what it does for you is not.

Using the process builder, it is now significantly easier to design and implement simple or dynamic automated workflows and actions within your company…….aka……..drive more sales, improve efficiencies, ensure compliance, and, of course, reduce costs.  All of this is done without coding!

Here is a short video about how it works.

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Outsourcing Business Consulting and Project Management
May 1, 2015

Business Card (1)

When thinking about your next venture or project, consider the option of outsourcing part of your business needs.

Here is a good read to get familiar with the concept.

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